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DNA & Your Genealogy

From the press:
“DNA magazine worth reading...
covers all the basic information on DNA tests and how to use them to help with your genealogy research... Dr. Maurice Gleeson has a slightly different approach from other authors, but his 1-2-3 steps for various problem solving methods is worth a try... His chapter ‘DNA & Adoption’ walks readers through how DNA testing can help find kinfolk... useful to anyone seriously using DNA testing to figure out aspects of their genealogy.”
– Kenneth H. Thomas Jr., Genealogy Columnist, Sunday Atlanta Journal-Constitution

This addition to our Tracing Your Ancestors Series is compiled by renowned genetic genealogist and lecturer Maurice Gleeson MB. The guide contains material dedicated to helping you further your genealogy research through the exciting science of genetics. Here is some of what is included in the issue: DNA testing and how it can help you in your research; types of tests available; what is the best test for you; understanding your results; connecting with genetic cousins; breaking down Brick Walls; making the most of surname projects and how they can benefit your research; triangulating on a specific ancestor; the basic science and much more!

Soft Cover, 68 pages

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