They Came from Scotland



    Sometimes all that we know about our Scottish ancestors is that "They Came From Scotland".

    In order to be successful researching in the Scottish records, you really need to know where in Scotland they came from.

    Bridging the gap between finding our Scottish ancestors in the North American records (birth, marriage, death and census records) and being able to locate them in the Scottish records may seem like a daunting task. However, it is often less of a challenge and more of a reward if you understand what brought them here in the first place.

    Some clues can be taken from the major historic events in Scottish history that led to Scots leaving their homeland. The first Scots to settle in North America essentially fell into four categories: Prisoners of War, Covenanters, Jacobites or Military Men.

    This full color book will give you some insight into the historic events and enticements that were offered to Scots that may have led them to leave their homeland to build a new life in a new country.

    Author: Christine Woodcock

    Pages: 66

    Date Published: 2016

    Format: Paperback

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