Quick Sheet: Y Chromosome DNA for the Genealogist


Quick Guide
By Diahan Southard

Hundreds of thousands of genealogists have turned to YDNA testing to aid in their genealogical efforts. However, after completing the test, many are faced with more questions than answers.
This guide will walk you through each aspect of YDNA testing and help you identify your next steps to finding or extending paternal lines.
You’ll receive clear and concise explanations of:
• How to determine if the YDNA test is right for you and your research
• What the YDNA test can tell you
• Haplotypes and Haplogroups
• How many markers you should have tested
• How to get tested step-by-step
• The best company for YDNA testing
• What the testing company can tell you
• How to get the most out of the testing company website tools

Diahan Southard has a background in microbiology with a talent for clear and concise explanations of complicated topics. She has been translating genetics into genealogy for 14 years and currently acts as Your DNA Guide, providing personalized consultation experiences to help genealogists use DNA testing in their genealogy.

Author: Diahan Southard
Pages: 4
Size: 8 1/2”x 11”
Date: May 2014
Finish: Full Color, laminated

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